This is more than a little worrying…

HT @killianfox0 of @gannetmag for this set of statistics from the very wonderful, quirky and fun “The Gannet’s Gastronomic Miscellany” which, if you haven’t already rushed out and bought for yourself as a present, you should immediately beg, borrow, or steal (or have someone buy it for you) a copy. Stat!

As they point out, it won’t take much to screw over the entire planet. Variety really is the spice of life. Variety is all.


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  1. Hi Philip; very depressing. There’s a huge amount of literature around that speaks to the huge damage this crop causes to us and the environment. Yet we still manage to ignore it and feed this crap to our fellow humans. One day, it’ll be seen to be as bad for humankind as was smoking.

  2. Hey Chris – depressing, no? that the greatest crop is sugar cane which doesn’t even have nutritional value! (aside from all the other issues.)

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